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  • Where to start?

    We start with what is the purpose of the sign and where is the location of the sign. Interior or Exterior. Short or long term. Then, what information would you like on the sign? Next comes artwork.

  • File Requirements?

    Types of files accepted:


    FOR PRINT (Prioritized in order):


    Preferred Vector Formats - AI, Outlined PDF or Outlined EPS

    EPS (for both print and print-and-cut applications)

    PDF-save as Press Quality or High Quality - please make sure images are embedded

    JPG (Make sure the artwork is full size) - save as high quality jpg.

    TIFF (last resort, as it is usually the largest file size without adding anything crucial to the resolution)



    300 dpi minimum.

    72 dpi is acceptable only if the file is at full scale and if higher resolution artwork not available.



    Fonts outlined/embedded. This is a must-have requirement, otherwise results may not be acceptable.

    No crop marks needed Artwork should be provided at full size.

    Please save in CMYK for digital prints and specify any Pantone colors etc. that will need to be matched.

    Bleeds for banners only.

    If preparing from InDesign, please collect for output and send all links and fonts, along with an exported pdf version at high quality.

    If using black, convert CMYK values to 100.

    For installs, precise measurements and pictures will be required to create mock up proofs.

  • Have No Artwork?

    We can handle every aspect of the design process, or work from highly specified plans, usually it is somewhere in between. Please describe any graphical requirements and forward any supporting artwork you have available:




    Digital file (most filetypes can be viewed)


  • What is the Life Span?

    We build our signs and graphics with the best available materials for the job required. For long-term outdoor signs, color is the most vulnerable feature. Direct southern exposure to the sun will fade most colors in 3-5 years. High performance vinyls will last 5 years and longer, though bright colors will fade as early as 3-5 years in heavy UV conditions.

    We choose substrates and processes equal to the task you require. For signs needing to last 20 or more years, we also employ cut metals, blasting and engraving processes.

  • What are Vector Graphics?

    Vector art is a mathematical format, as opposed to a "Bitmap" or "Raster" format. Vector art is also called "postscript" with file types: .ai, .eps, .pdf. (raster format art can be placed within any of these filetypes, please include these raster files when submitting)

  • What about Fonts?

    For printing and cutting, all of the type contained in the design should be converted to outlines within your file. (In illustrator, select text object and press command-shift-o.) We can also accept the full font package(s) when necessary.

  • Why are vector graphics required for shape cutting?

    Plotters follow a path. That path is the outline of every part of your graphic. This means:


    Text must be outlines

    Stroked paths are outlined

    Overlapping/intersecting paths are merged or resolved.

    Multi-color cut vinyl requires a strategy to minimize overlap ridges and chokes/spreads

    Please run it by us for advice or just let us handle it. (Quoted separately)

  •  I can't find what I'm looking for on your site. Do you offer products not listed here?

    The items shown on the website are the more popular items. We will do our best to fulfill any order. We work with a large variety of vendors and suppliers to help with what you need.

  •  Who is responsible for proofing my artwork?

    You are! Carefully inspect your final design proof before giving us the approval to proceed. If we find any uploaded images to be of insufficient quality for printing, we will contact you and let you know your options.

  • What kind of deposit is required?

    We require payment up front or a 50% deposit on larger orders.

  • Do I need a permit for my sign?

    It depends on the type of sign. We can assist you in all the permitting needs if necessary.


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